What is it?

Tableau Public has a little-used API I found documented by Will Sutton here . I used the API to create templates that pull data from Tableau Public and generate portals and galleries on the fly.

Important! This is purely experimental as the Tableau Public API is subject to change


I wanted to push the limits of the API as most tutorials and posts I found on the Tableau Public API involve running commands and copying the results manually.

By creating a simple proxy and deploying it to a server you can now pull results programaticaly for use in applications or web templates.

You can create your own custom view of Tableau Public profiles and highlight your work in a custom portfolio or connect your vizzes to a corporate website.

Either way, you'll be able to display your work in the style that best matches your brand while still sharing your work on Tableau Public and helping to grow the community.

Comming Soon!

This is still experimental, and a work in progress.
Next Steps are:

  1. Create a Github Repo so developers can create their own templates and modyify the code as needed.
    • Documentation
    • Python code for the proxy
    • Sample templates
  2. Better templates
  3. Ability to export results to host on your own site

Need Help?

With deep experience in data analytics, custom BI applications, and the suite of Tableau APIs, I can help develop solutions to your unique requirements.